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In my eight years living in Atlanta, I have picked up a thing or two about Southern Hospitality: always use proper table manners, make sure to address people as “sir” or “ma’am” when appropriate, and always be warm and welcoming to everyone. The latter has always rung true to me and I always have found it important to be a good hostess to your guests.

Part of being a good hostess is creating a comfortable, welcoming space for your family and your guests. As a lover of design and all things pretty, I’ve always been especially attracted to pineapple shaped things and love how this shape has come to represent hospitality throughout the years. Dating back to Christopher Columbus’ time, the pineapple has taken on many meanings from representing status among the European nobility to being a welcoming symbol that was placed in entrances of homes in the Caribbean community.

pinneapple door knocker

Today, the pineapple can be found in all things decor and even in small collectibles like greeting cards. If there’s something even more important than being a good host, it’s being a gracious guest and a card is an easy but thoughtful way to say “thank you!”. Personally, I’ve always treasured every card I have received and I’ve found them to be a really courteous and caring gift.

pineapple greeting card hallmark

Lately, I have been able to fuel my love for cards with Hallmark Signature Style’s greeting cards. What I like the most about this new collection is how unique and beautifully crafted these cards are. Every card looks like a mini piece of art and is adorned with embellishments, gorgeous calligraphy, or beautiful graphics. Each one stands out on its own and I even went as far as framing this beautiful pineapple card that I received while in Charleston in the Southern Blogger Society conference. In a way, it serves as a nice reminder of my trip and it represents the friendships that I made. While I’ll always get to see this card on my wall, the other cards I’ve received have made their way to different places in the US, from New York to Arizona, sending good wishes to all of my loved ones.

As part of sending this goodwill, I’ve partnered up with Hallmark Signature Style to provide a lucky winner with a set of these cards. To enter, use the Gleam widget below:

Hallmark Signature Style Greeting Cards

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